The reviews for season 1 and 2 of ANGEL are now complete.   A new review for each episode of season 3 will be posted on the Weekend after it first aired on the WB.  

I will add a rating page for all season 2 Episodes and complete my season 2 overview shortly before season 3 begins.

In the meantime I will continue adding season 5 BUFFY Reviews.

There will also be some additions to the other two sections of the site.  The first  contains a  character analysis for both Angel and Angelus and an overview of the Buffy/Angel relationship.  To this section I will be added further character analysis of some of the other leading players in the series.  At minimum this will include  Cordelia, Doyle, Wesley and Gunn.   Who else will be included depends on whether there there is enough material on which to give any meaningful views.

The second addition consists of my thoughts on a random selection of issues raised by the series. I will be adding further to this section as time goes on and topics suggest themselves.

 In the meantime  just follow one of the links you will find below -


Rating the Episodes of Season 1


The Saturday Reviews

Season 1                                                      Season 2                                                             

1       City of     1       Judgment
2       Lonely Hearts    2       Are You Now...
3       In the Dark   3       First Impressions
4       I Fall to Pieces  4       Untouched
5       Rm w-a Vu     5       Dear Boy
6       Sense and Sensitivity 6       Guise Will Be Guise
7       Bachelor Party   7       Darla
8       I Will Remember You   8      The Shroud of Rahmon
9       Hero          9       The Trial  
10     Parting Gifts 10     Reunion
11     Somnambulist   11     Redefinition
12      Expecting 12     Blood Money
13      She 13     Happy Anniversary
14      I Got You Under My Skin 14.    Thin Dead Line
15      Prodigal 15.    Reprise
16      The Ring 16.    Epiphany
17      Eternity 17.    Disharmony
18      Five by Five 18.    Dead End
19      Sanctuary including The Yoko Factor 19.    Belonging
20      War Zone  20.   Over the Rainbow
21      Blind Date  21.   Through the Looking Glass
22      To Shanshu in LA  22.    No Place Like Plrtz Glrb


Character Analysis


The Buffy/Angel Relationship



General Thoughts

Angel's Soul

Angel's Return

Of Drugs and Happiness



1.  Buffy vs Dracula

2.  Real Me

3.  The Replacement

4.  Out of My Mind

5.  No Place Like Home

6.  Family


Updates for 2000

Updates for 2001





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