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Rating the Episodes of Season 1
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To give some sense of my view of the comparative merits of each of the episodes in season 1,  I have tried to list all of the episodes in descending order from best to worst.   Beside the name of each episode is a number in parenthesis.  This represents the mark I gave the episode in my Saturday review.   For this purpose I used a traditional mark out of 10 system for this purpose.  Using this scoring system I have grouped all the episodes together in rough categories.  I have also indicated the range of marks each category represents.  It should be noted that my marking system is relative.  So "Sanctuary" is given 10 not because it is perfect but because I regard it as the benchmark for the season.  

Beside each numerical mark is a another one based on an alphabetical system.  This represents the equivalent mark in my new ratings system.

Excellent ( 9 and over)

1. Sanctuary (10) (A+)                                

2. Somnambulist (9.5)(A)

3. Prodigal (9)(A)

4. I Got You Under My Skin (9)(A)

5. 5 by 5 (9)(A)

6. Lonely Hearts (9)(A)

7. Sense and Sensitivity (9)(A-)

8. To Shanshu in LA (9)(A-)



Very Good (8 and 8.5)

9. Blind Date (8.5)(B+)

10. City of.. (8)(B)

11. Eternity (8)(B)

12 Rm w/a Vu (8)(B)

13. In the Dark (8)(B)


Good (7 and 7.5)

14. War Zone (7.5)(B-))

15. I Will Remember You (7.5)(B-))

16. Parting Gifts (7.5)(C+)

17. The Ring (7.5)(C)

18. Hero (7)(C)

19. Bachelor Party (7)(C)


Fair (over 6 to 6.5)

20. Expecting (6.5)(D)

22 . She (6)(D)


Fail (less than 6)

22. I Fall to Pieces (5.5)(F)