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Enter the Buffy Shooting Script Site

The Buffy Shooting Script Site


An Angel's Soul


Tangled in Destiny

Tangled in Destiny


Angel's Night

Angel's Night


Zax's Buffy page


Male Fans of the Angel Series


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Angel's Acolyte






The Minearketeers

A Tribute site to one of the key writers of ANGEL


The WB Scoop

Reviews of ANGEL


Two Demons, A Girl and a Batcave

Including a detailed episode guide


The Angel USENET Site

Including a very useful FAQ


The Angel Annex

Including episode guides, cast information and fanfic


The Dark Avenger

A humorous look at some of the odder aspects of ANGEL


Loey's Season 1 Reviews

The Early Bird Reviews of Season 1 as posted on


Blue Shift Studios

Including David Hines acerbic Reviews of both BUFFY and ANGEL


Angel Investigations

Angel Investigations with episode summaries, character histories and fanfic


The Host With The Most

A Site Dedicated to Andy Hallet and his character on ANGEL